“Tails” from the Trails

Image of “Tails” from the Trails

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By Debbi Preston

One dog’s adventures on trails in California’s foothills and the Sierra


We did little research before getting our puppy, Toots, and knew nothing about her breed’s characteristics. Somehow, we muddled through, while making mistakes along the way. When we had to secure her boundaries, we had to find other ways to satisfy her need for independence and exploring.  Hiking together was the answer. 

When a dog shows you how to explore and to share the journey, and how to grow and emerge from the path a better person, she deserves for her legacy to live on. Enjoy our travels along with her four-legged friends, be inspired by the passion for adventure, and take whatever journey will best shape you in the future.

This story is about change, a metamorphosis inspired by our dog, Toots.  Learn to seek new places, try new things, and in the process grow in mind, spirit, and emotional strength. Become empowered to take the spur trails as you encounter them on your own adventures. Unleash your inner self and enjoy the journey.