Fundraising Book Pack

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$ 50.00

FUNDRAISER -- Help a Friend in Need

I am asking for "Acts of Kindness" in exchange for some page-turning books. My companion Chris Carter recently fell on hard times. He is a business owner, and he became critically ill this last summer and unable to work for months. Disability has been delayed due to redtape errors on Social Security's part; but that doesn't stop the bills. If you will donate $50 to help a fellow human being out, you will receive the following (and these would make excellent Christmas Gifts):

California Girl Chronicles, Book: Join Brea Harper on her search for writing success and all her hot-man distractions.

Vengeance is Now: Go on a cat-and-mouse thriller of a read as PI Tate Halloway goes from the hunter to the huntee when he tries to solve a serial killer case.

Blood over Badge: Another riveting crime saga about a San Francisco detective.

Second Bloom (Hard Cover): learn the 10 steps to reinvent your life.

You will also receive bonus eBooks (in PDF) of:

Body in the Trunk: a riveting paranormal romance about love, betrayal and murder.

Californai Girl Book 2 - continues Brea's search for love and career success in Hollywood.