California Girl Chronicles - Soft-cover Edition

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By Michelle Gamble-Risley

Hot, Sexy Fun! Welcome to the California Girl Chronicles! (it's a great teaser)

“I then moved forward and allowed him to kiss me. I could tell by his reaction, he could barely contain himself over what I had just done. I decided right then I was going to sleep with him.”

The California Girl Chronicles, Book 1 introduces Brea Harper, smart, beautiful, blond and sprayed tanned. You know no respectable California girl would actually lay in the sun anymore without sunscreen, right? Join Brea on her tragically misguided romantic and professional adventures to pursue her dream to become a screenwriter in the City of Angels. Meet Brea’s men — safe-and-secure Lance who she lives with out of convenience when he moves to Los Angeles; charismatic and twisted “band boy” Drew; and hot, sexy and loving Kale, the Hollywood producer who mentors, inspires and truly loves her. Get sucked into the steamy, sexy world of Brea Harper as she comes of age in the seductive world of Hollywood.