Stop Acting Your Age

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"A truly fun journey with a man who knows how to Live Life to the fullest!"
JERRI SHER, EMMY Award-winning Director/Producer, Author & Keynote Speaker
The Secret to the Fountain of Youth Revealed...
Imagine a big-time reality show producer is coming to your town to do a show about the effects of aging. He's going to cast you as the Star. Imagine, as the Star, you have to look and act 10 to 15 years younger than your actual age. Could you do it? YES, you can and in this groundbreaking new book Stop Acting Your Age, author, acting coach and actor Thom McFadden takes you on an enlightening experience to expose the truth behind the all-too-common myths and misconceptions about aging. 

After coaching and training thousands of actors, executives and business owners, Thom thought to himself, why not use my vast experience and coaching skills to help people from all walks of life to look, act and feel younger and stop acting their age. 

Stop Acting Your Age provides insights, tools and even humor to help:
  • Change your mindset and physical being to act 10 to 15 years younger
  • Develop a new mindset and get in "BOP" 
  • Learn practical tips to dress younger for a youthful style all your own
  • Apply excellent makeup and hairstyle tips
  • Use new ideas to stay fit, healthy and vigorous at 75, as if you were 30

Every day the overall message in the media and advertising is that it is NOT okay to be old. When it comes to your age, how you ACT will determine a great deal about how you FEEL. If you act old, you will feel old. But, if you act young, you will feel young. Stop Acting Your Age is the true answer to the uncovering the hidden secret of the Fountain of Youth. 

"This book is a wonderful challenge to rejuvenate your mind and body."
- Paul Donner, CEO of QNI

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