Passenger from Greece

Image of Passenger from Greece

$ 19.95

By Norma Jennings

A plane crashes ... An unexpected romance ignites and burns hot … But betrayal sears deeper in the heart.

In this beautifully written and heartfelt story, the innocence of youth and first love fan the destruction of lives. Written in a classic tale of love, lust, and criminal behavior, Passenger from Greece takes readers on a sensuous, visually told epic tale of Olivia Reid. A feisty, resourceful, smart and beautiful international flight attendant, Olivia embarks on a seductive affair that spans the Caribbean, New York City, Crete and ocean voyages on the yacht The Adonis.

Passenger from Greece explores the bonds and complexities of family, the relationships of children and their mothers and fathers, ill-fated romance, and criminal behavior threatening lives. It will have readers loving, hating and sympathizing with the main characters, while all at once questioning the collision of emotions that has taken over their very souls. This book is a must-read for anyone who enjoys stories filled with mysterious intrigue and sizzling romantic moments.

 “He who sleeps with dogs will rise with fleas…” Olivia always wondered why her fiercely religious grandmother had been so crude.

“Norma Jennings has done it again! In her new novel, she takes us on a journey with heroine, Olivia Reid, that has us sitting on the edges of our seats and wondering what will happen next. Olivia is beautiful, savvy, cheeky and in love. She is a flight attendant, and we travel with her both to foreign lands and along her life path. In her inimitable style, Jennings bonds us with Olivia, and while we may disagree with the choices our heroine makes, we love her, nevertheless. But in Olivia’s defense, who can resist a passenger from Greece? This novel is truly a woman’s fiction thriller with romance, and an excellent read.” 
- Dr. Bernice deGannes, College Professor