Chocolate Flowers

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$ 18.95


By Jori Nunes

A twisted tale that deserves to be told.

In this brave book author Jori Nunes reveals a dark and nightmarish tale about child abuse, molestation and unimaginable torture of innocent children. Nunes visited and collected stories from adults who experienced abuse to write this compelling and disturbing story to help raise awareness and prevent future child abuse.

In this disturbing story, a predatory father and mentally disturbed mother with dissociative personality disorder (AKA multiple personalities) raise young Jen in a nightmarish and abusive environment. Emotionally, physically and sexually abused by those who are supposed to protect her, Jen is shunned by a community that either turns a blind eye or doesn’t understand her circumstances.

As a young child, Jen is put through unimaginable abuse and violations to her body; she then grows into young adulthood only to face unwanted pregnancies, poverty and personal challenges. Then to her utter horror she is faced with the one thing she never wanted to have happen.

Chocolate Flowers is a disturbing saga designed to help others understand the devastating effects of child abuse and sexual molestation. Revealing dark secrets of abuse, Chocolate Flowers will make you cry, think, and hopefully have an open heart to help prevent this kind of mistreatment from ever happening to other children.

Part of the proceeds of this book go to support projects that increase awareness of child abuse and sexual molestation, including The Lisa Project and Danielle’s Gift. The Lisa Project is a unique multi-sensory exhibit experience allowing the visitor to hear, see and experience the reality of the world of child abuse. Danielle’s Gift provides charitable assistance to children and young adults in times of crisis.