California Girl Chronicles, Brea’s Big Break

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Take Another Wild, SexyRide Into Brea’s World!  

Welcome back to a story about wild, witty and sexy romp into the world of Brea Harper as she tries to succeed as a screenwriter in Hollywood only to be continuously distracted by hot men. In this second book in the series, our beloved Brea has finally realized her dream to write a Hollywood movie. Follow her new adventures as she discovers what it’s really like to work on a movie, deal with Hollywood sexual politics, and balance her many hot, sexy and wild relationships with all of the men who love to love her. Which man will lure her into more bedroom antics? Will it be the sexy actor hired for her film, Johnny? Perhaps the new energetic and slightly insane playboy Ryan? Or maybe she will manage to rebuild her relationship with her dreamboat producer Kale.

California Girl Chronicles takes readers on a wild, sexy ride into Brea Harper’s outrageous romantic and professional life in this edgy new series destined for great commercial and critical success. Brea is not your typical California blond or like quintessential blonds like Cher in Clueless. She is smart and very driven to succeed as a screenwriter. Find out why this great flawed character has got readers screaming at her in maddening frustration, “Don’t do it Brea!”


“I love the California Girl Chronicles books! Brea is one dynamic individual who really makes you care and root for her to have all her dreams come true! This book has so much depth and really draws you in with the well-rounded characters. Michelle has done it again — she’s written another real page turner!!”
~ Sonja Fisher, Actress, Model, Host and Mrs. Corporate America 2009-2010 and Ms. All American Spirit 2010-2011

“When approaching page 38, my co-workers walked in on me literally drooling with anticipation as to what surprising plot twists and turns Michelle Gamble-Risley will take us on in Book 2 of California Girl Chronicles. Breathless with anticipation, my pulse raced longing to know what new adventures Brea Harper will partake in. Five stars for holding readers in a state of torturous suspense.”
~ Victoria Andrew, VP of Marketing, LJS&S Publishing